Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

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Product Description

The Magellan RoadMate 1470 device boasts the acclaimed OneTouch menu, a 4.7-inch color touch screen, and an ultra-thin design. Preloaded maps and points of interest for the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico make the RoadMate 1470 ideal for both business trips and vacations. Easy-to-use, premium features give you confidence on the road and deliver a powerful navigation experience. OneTouch favorites menu affords instant access to your personalized bookmarks of favorite places and searches anywhere you travel. With a single touch, find your favorite café or restaurant when you're traveling within any city. Redesigned 4.7-inch color touch screen provides powerful navigation that's easy to view and use. AAA TourBook1 provides ratings and descriptions on AAA approved places to stay, play, dine, and save. AAA Member Roadside Assistance1 gets you help fast with a toll-free member service number to assist you in finding an AAA approved tow truck or repair shop. The menu also shows your exact GPS location so you can provide precise information to your location. Highway lane assist signs show highway signs to point you in the right direction when approaching interchanges and exits, and ensure that you'll choose the correct lane well before your next turn. Spoken street names and directions so you can hear and see where you need to turn next. QuickSpell with SmartCity search narrows your address and city searches, making destination entry easy. Multi-destination routing with route optimization lets you plan your trip with multiple stops in the order you want or optimize a trip for the most efficient route, saving you time and money. Preloaded maps give you information and directions as you travel the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Millions of points of interest (POIs) help you easily find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #524 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Magellan
  • Model: 1470
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Dimensions: 3.30" h x .70" w x 5.20" l, 2.00 pounds


  • Wide 4.7-inch color touchscreen and ultra-thin design for powerful navigation in a compact package
  • Includes maps of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico with 6 million points of interest
  • Features multi-destination routing, highway lane assist, spoken street names, AAA TourBook, and Roadside Assistance menu
  • Personalized search icons let you easily bookmark favorite destinations so you can find them anywhere you travel
  • One-year limited warranty

Editorial Reviews Product Description The Magellan RoadMate 1470 GPS device boasts a unique 4.7-inch color touchscreen and ultra-thin design, delivering powerful navigation in a compact package. This easy-to-use device gives you confidence while on the road with premium features, including AAA TourBook, highway lane assist, spoken street names, multi-destination routing, and pre-loaded maps of North America.
Powerful navigation in a compact package. Click to enlarge.
The exclusive Magellan OneTouch personalized search icons let you easily bookmark favorite destinations so you can find them anywhere you travel. Find your favorite café or restaurant in any city with a single touch. The RoadMate 1470 device delivers your favorites at your fingertips. Features include:
  • Ability to personalize OneTouch search icons with your favorite places
  • Announces street names and directions at each turn
  • Ultra-wide 4.7-inch touchscreen display
  • AAA TourBook and Roadside Assistance menu
  • Permits multi-destination routing
  • Maps of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
4.7-Inch Color Touchscreen The large wide-format color touchscreen shows your position on the map, route, destination, ETA, surrounding Points of Interest (POI), signal strength, next maneuver, street names, and more--all at a glance. 6 million Points of Interest Easily find what you need. Gas stations, restaurants, hotels, ATMs, and hundreds of other businesses and services are intuitively categorized and searchable from the built-in POI database. Most include the phone number. Expanded NAVTEQ Maps Travel the entire United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada with all the maps you need, pre-loaded on the device.
Brilliant 4.7-inch touchscreen. Click to enlarge.
Announces street names and directions at each turn. Click to enlarge.
Easily find what you need from the built-in POI database. Click to enlarge.
Add Traffic Link for live traffic info. Click to enlarge.
Text-to-Speech Hear street names with every voice direction and have a clear understanding of when to make the next turn while you keep your eyes on the road. Intuitive User Interface Bold, intuitive menu options make it easy to pick destinations and choose how you navigate, without even reading the instructions. Ultra-Thin Design Uniquely stylish and compact, it's easy to transfer your Magellan GPS between vehicles, or toss it in a suitcase to take anywhere. QuickSpell with MultiCity Search Enter destinations with a few keystrokes. QuickSpell searches locations and checks spelling to provide you with a simple list of available destinations. Auto NightView Color and contrast adjusts automatically for easy viewing at night. Multi-Destination Routing Select several destinations and choose the order to plan a trip in advance and repeat the same trip again. Easily reorganize, add, or remove destinations. Add Traffic Link for Live Traffic Info Stop sitting in traffic waiting for traffic updates on your favorite radio station. Traffic Link will alert you on current traffic conditions for the area in which you are travelling. Simply plug in the Traffic Link device to your compatible Magellan GPS device, and you'll receive free information on the type of incident (e.g., accident or slow traffic), status of surrounding freeways/interstates, and approximate time until you come upon the issue. With the touch of a button, Traffic Link will provide you with an alternate route so that you can avoid delays, saving time and money. With the Traffic Link service, you'll also receive special offers from premium vendors. Simply touch the information on the screen to obtain details on how to take advantage of the various deals being provided. Stop sitting in traffic. Get Traffic Link, turn it on, and go! Features include:
  • Free automatic traffic updates for life!
  • Intuitive user interface clearly displays traffic events
  • Reroutes you around reported traffic jams
  • Valuable promotional offers from premium vendors
What's in the Box Magellan RoadMate 1470 GPS receiver; pre-loaded maps of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; windshield mount; adhesive disc for dash mounting; vehicle power adapter; USB cable; user handbook; user manual on CD-ROM

Customer Reviews

Wonderful evolution of the Magellan line5 I've been a Magellan user for several years - have owned four of their GPS systems, and always appreciate how they have improved their products. This unit is my 5th, and replaces a Magellan 4040. After using it for a while I've confident in saying this is the best one yet! The most visible change is the actual size of the unit. The screen size has been increased, but the unit is thinner and lighter. Very sleek appearance, and the screen is a real joy -- sharp, clear graphics even in the sun, and bigger on-screen buttons for easy use. The mounting system has also been streamlined, and looks and works well. It mounts very easily on a NavMat holder (basically a bean-bag system that I got on Amazon. I'm a huge Navmat fan - makes it a snap to hide the GPS with narry a trace. Best accessory by far for any GPS). The power connector was not well thought out, however. You have to connect it to the GPS unit AFTER you mount it in the holder. They should have moved the connector it a wee bit to the side to avoid that. The only button is a slide-type power button on the top. Boot-up time is OK -- not speedy, but not a huge delay either. It does not have a "sleep" mode, so you have to do a cold boot every time. Not a problem in real world use - by the time you get situated in your car, the unit is ready to go. Voice is clear and easy to understand. Not as natural sounding as a TomTom, but understandable. Pretty much any recent GPS unit will get you where you want to go. I've found the routing on the Magellans to be very similar to Garmins - could be because they both use the same mapping set (Navteq). The Magellan shines, however, in features that I find helpful. The direction of the next turn is always visible regardless of how far away the next turn will be. Up until recently, Garmin did not offer this (they do now on some of their units). Sounds like a small issue, but I find it very helpful. The Magellan also allows you to very easily exclude a route (or portion). That's a fairly standard feature nowadays, but Magellan allows you to do it in a snap. In terms of routing, Magellan offers four options (fastest, shortest, most use of freeways and least use). You can see all four options on the map (as a summary) at the same time so you can pick the best one for your needs. Perfect!! Love the AAA Guidebook, which is a unique Magellan feature. Lets you get details about restaurants and other points of interest just like the paper version from AAA. I used it a lot in my 4040, especially when traveling out of town. Other unique Magellan features I appreciate is the "ding dong" sound right before a turn (incredibly accurate!) and the fact that the software reminds you to "stay on the current road" when you encounter major exits. Some find that to be nagging, but it has saved me from inadvertently exiting on more than one occasion. A new feature for Magellan is the lane guidance. Very nicely done. I've used this feature on Navigon units, and found it rather unhelpful. Magellan's implementation is far more useful, with better, clearer graphics. However, lane guidance is not available for every road. The software is also nicely done - very logical to use. If you're a past Magellan user you can pick this up and use it in a second. If not, there's a short printed user's guide in the box (plus a CD-ROM with more in-depth info) that gets you up to speed quickly. The box also includes the mount, power connector for the car, and a USB cable. It does not include an AC adapter. OK, now for the bad news. When it comes to customer service, Magellan has been horrid. We're talking so bad it's almost funny. I'm hoping this situation will change - the company was bought by Mitac late last year, and perhaps this will signal a change for the better in terms of customer support. Lord knows, they couldn't get any worse. The leader, in my opinion, for customer support is Garmin. They are nice to deal with on the phone, answer emails promptly, and offer regular firmware updates. Whenever I buy a GPS as a gift I always buy Garmin since I don't want to saddle the recipient with the miserable service that Magellan offers. It's a shame, since Magellan offers some real benefits over Garmin, and more value for the money. Tom Tom is also decent when it comes to support, but they use TeleAtlas maps which are less complete than NavTeq (sp?). Bottom line -- if you're looking for a straightforward GPS at a good price, this should be on your short list. It lacks features such as Bluetooth and an MP3 player, but for me, I want a GPS to offer guidance and not entertainment. This has a very robust feature set, great screen, and well-designed software. It also has traffic capabilities -- did not test that feature out, so I can't comment on it. The "safe" bet continues to be Garmin. You'll pay a bit more, and get less features, but you can be assured of solid support. Whether Magellan's new owners will put them back on the right track (if you'll excuse the horrid, but unavoidable pun) in terms of customer service is not yet clear. I hope so -- they make a great product! UPDATE: 5/21/09 There's a firmware update on the Magellan site. No new functionality (in terms of new features) but, according to the release notes it improves overall performance. Easy to install - just follow the included step-by-step instructions. It seems like it makes the unit a bit faster, but that could just be my imagination. Great screen, and lots of POIs but needs to catch up to rest of the GPS market3 I've used a number of GPS navigators, typically Garmin and TomTom units. I am currently using a Garmin Nuvi 265WT and I generally find Garmin to give me the best set of features and performance for the price, although I've not found their systems to be particularly reliable, my first needed to be sent for repairs twice and the one I am using currently often reboots itself randomly, particularly right when I start it up, and often the sound fades out for no reason. So I'm always on the hunt for something that will work even better. This is my first experience with a Magellan RoadMate model, and I was interested to see how it compared. I've only been using it for a few weeks, so I cannot report on long-term reliability, but will post follow-up comments if I run into any problems in the future. PLUSES Beautiful, bright screen. Easily one of the best GPS screens I've seen. Very sharp and bright and still visible even in bright light. Typical reverse screen for nighttime viewing. Good maps, accurate directions. Haven't run into any problems yet where it took me a goofy route....although I've yet to use a GPS that doesn't do it once in awhile! I also like that you can use a zip code when entering addresses. My Garmin unit makes you enter both the city and state and thus makes setting destinations a bit more tedious than need be. The sound and text-to-speech on this I found very good. I often have volume problems with my Garmin (sometimes it just seems to completely fade out), no problems at all with this. I didn't even need to turn it up all the way to hear it easily. The voice I found pleasant enough and not too computer-generated sounding. It also has nice tones for signaling the turns (which you could select from) and the timing for these was spot-on. Quick launch screen which allows you to set a bunch of favorite locations, or even better, favorite searches. So if you typically are looking for the local coffee shop when you travel, rather than going through the screens to set up the search each time you can save it as a favorite. Very useful and has a number of these already set up for you like closest gas station. The number of POIs was quite impressive, I found a lot more local stores in my area than with the Garmin. Still not everything church was one that was not included, even though its one of the largest in my town. Included AAA information. Very cool search for local events, attractions, etc. with detailed information. Not sure how much I'd use this (typically I'd research such information before leaving!) but it was a nice touch. Multi-destination routing. Allows you to set up a complete trip with several stops. This was very easy to use, to reorder your stops, etc. Includes maps for Canada. Not all GPS units in this price range include Canada. Not that I travel there, but nice to know I have the maps if I do! It's also nice that it uses a standard UBS cable. This seems to becoming more standard with GPS units and makes life much easier than having a proprietary cable. I'm careful to label it however, just so I don't accidentally mix it up with all my other similar cables. MINUSES Slow startup! I've really gotten spoiled by my Garmin Nuvi that started up in seconds and was ready to navigate just as quickly. This thing takes considerably longer to start, leaving me waiting for it before I can set my destination and drive off. Also, the location of the plug for the USB/power cord is just dumb! It completely blocks the mount, so that you cannot have the unit plugged in until you slide it on. This also means you then can't see where you are plugging it in, versus being able to just hold the unit, stick in the plug, and then mount it. I could deal with this if there seemed to be some reason for doing it....but simply moving the plug from the left side to the right side of the mount would have completely solved this problem. It just seems like it was put in the one spot that would annoy people! No bluetooth or voice command, no music or audiobook support. Basically very barebones on extras. This was a big step down from the Garmin Nuvi which cost almost the same, with just a slightly smaller screen. At the very least, I really would have liked to have seen BT at this price point. The touch screen also doesn't always respond and needs a second or even third tap sometimes. This seemed particularly prevalent on the Back button. Also, why do they not include a quick jump back to the main menu or map? My Garmin has this issue as well, and it's really annoying when you are searching for something that you can't just "cancel" and go back to the main screen, but have to keep backing page by page to return. Garmin also now has all kind of features you can customize that really add to the value of their devices. I love the ability to find an address on Google Maps and send it to the GPS over USB. You can download a custom car which is a cute touch (okay, so I no longer own a big SUV, but at least I can see myself drive one virtually!) There are all kinds of custom routes you can download, if you are the type that likes to play around with your gadgets. The Magellan doesn't appear that have support for any of this kind of additional stuff, and is definitely falling behind Garmin and TomTom in this area. Some things are not very intuitive and the manual is very bare bones, so not much help. For instance, there was an option in the settings for the display, but on changing it, I found that I was stuck with just 2D display options. It took me awhile to figure out how to get it back to 3D (clicking on the main map screen). Not including the 3D setting in the same place is quite confusing. One thing that really bugged me was that it wouldn't save a location based on solely the GPS location. I've never had a GPS unit that wouldn't do just save the location and rename it to something meaningful. On the Magellan though, while it would let me "save" I still had to actually enter an address! Seems kind of silly to require this when you are using a GPS which should be able to just save the location automatically, address or no. If there *is* a way to do this, it certainly isn't very obvious! I also found it needed to really get right to the location that you were navigating to in order to consider the trip completed. Very frequently when I turn it on it wants to resume the same trip, even though that's where I am! It should be less picky about this. The headsup display was not one of my favorites. With the Garmin, I was able to see my upcoming turn, estimated arrival time, current speed, and even would display the local speed limit (when available). The Magellan was much more bare bones. I could get the next turn, and the time of arrival, but it uses the same space to show my current MPH so I have to toggle back and forth (while driving) if I want to see this. I really like using my GPS as a digital speedometer so this was a big negative for me. This is definitely personal preference though. Some people may prefer the more minimal information on this screen and more surrounding map visibility. I also didn't care for how it displays the phone number separately from the address when viewing POIs. I'm not sure why you wouldn't display the phone number on the same screen as the address, this just seems unnecessarily complicated to have them in different places. I really like the Garmin info display which includes everything on one page, and also includes call buttons (since that device supports bluetooth phone calling). I did not receive the TrafficLink with this unit, so am not able to review how well that works. If you are not able to find a deal on this that includes the TrafficLink for free, that really does hurt the value a bit. My Garmin unit included free traffic on the device (albeit with some ads) so if I lived in an area where I wanted the traffic support, that extra $80 cost would definitely play a part in my decision as to what device to go with (comparisons of how good each traffic service are notwithstanding). Overall, you'll want to evaluate it against other devices at the same price. If you can find a good deal on it, it might be worth considering for the excellent display and strong database of POIs. But for me, it's just not in the best-of-class category. Magellan RoadMate 1470 a winner and best buy for ALL5 The NEW Magellan RoadMate 1470 is a feature rich product at an affordable price. I can tell you this unit includes tons of features that are not normally found in the low $200 price range. My first impression of this unit is without reservations or doubt this unit by far is one of the better GPS unit offered by Magellan. One must ask how Magellan can offer so much at a price that is so reasonable. What RoadMate features has been eliminated for this new Magellan RoadMate 1470? Answer: Nothing, Magellan gave us everything at a price that is unbelievable! The NEW Magellan RoadMate 1470 offered at a price of less than $239 and is currently the best value for your dollar. This full feature Portable Navigation Device offers all the features you will need to route from point A to Point B anywhere in North America, Puerto Rico and even Mexico if you select to purchase the optional unlock code for this expandable GPS device. Magellan have introduced the most affordable full feature GPS currently available and I feel they have accomplished this successfully. The Magellan RoadMate 1470 offers so much more, it is BIGGER, Thinner, Smarter and faster than all the older GPS system offered by Magellan at a competitive price similar to the older RoadMate units. Currently this MRM 1470 is the lowest GPS priced available that offers a large 4.7" display with full features including full map coverage of NA map and expandable to Mexico and future Europe maps loaded in a Micro SD card as an option. How is this entire GPS product possible at the price it is selling for? It offers a much bigger display, 4.7" diagonally and yet the overall physical size is slimmer than a GPS that offers a 4.3" display. It includes smarter features such as OneTouch, quick spell, smart city search, this unit will find street address or POI you are looking for much faster than what is currently available on the GPS market. This unit is Faster and have the ability to search through the entire NA map data base without having to select different map regions such as Canada, Alaska, Mexico to start a route, it covers the entire NA mapping software in one region so one would not have to fumble around switching regions to route to a destination that is not in the lower 48 states. These RoadMate 1470 also calculates a route much faster and offers not one route but 4 different route options. Route options such as Fastest time, Shortest distant, Most use of freeway and Least use of freeway all presented to you on the display map when you select to view the route options. This will not limit the user to only view the route the unit recommends the user to take but at the same time it will display all available routing options. User has the option of selecting different routing method or to view all the available routes on one[ display screen at the same time . This Magellan RoadMate 1470 is Thinner and a more attractive GPS unit over all. It is almost the thickness of an iPhone yet offers much larger display in almost the same size form factor as the older Magellan Maestro 4250/4350/4370 units. This new generation of Magellan GPS systems is also Smart enough to not only detour at a specific selected distant such as by 3 miles, 5 miles and 9 miles if one wish to bypass a certain stretch of road or highways that is on the route under detour option, but one can also selectively detour one segment of the route by selecting the street or highway you wish to avoid. This type of flexibility offer the user the ultimate customizable routing option available on some selective higher price GPS products, and this type of features may not be found on some affordable lower end competitive GPS products currently available on the market. Unlike some similar competitive GPS units that require you to pre-plan a route on a computer and input the routes you wish to take to customize your route. The multiple route destination feature list allows user to plan a trips or destinations one after another in advance, this unit can store multiple routing destination from one destination to the next in advance, and this can aid the driver from having to input each address they wish to go as they reach each destination one at a time. The route optimization feature option offers even more benefit to users, it will optimize your multiple route destinations by distant and time, this feature offers the most efficient way to calculate multiple routes to ALL of your selected destination starting from the nearest address to the furthest without you having to figure it out on a paper map or on a computer. This type of advance multiple destinations routing feature is found mostly on more expensive higher end GPS units. The OneTouch feature revolutionized the industry by allowing user to quickly find the destination without having to fumble through address book or points of interest category and fields, without having to select cities, streets and numbers, it is truly a OneTouch feature that allows user to quickly and efficiently route to their most visited or desired POI or addresses quickly. This feature is by far one of Magellan best offering to eliminate the need to hunt for certain locations you can simply store most used POI such as the brand of gas station you use like Chevron or Shell, the coffee house by brand such as Starbucks coffee or Peets coffee, banks, ATM, rental car facilities, airports etc. This OneTouch feature enable user to only find the nearest brand of POI you wish to patronize and will not display ALL irrelevant brand of the gas stations or coffee houses near you when you select the OneTouch feature. This option reduces a lot of time for sorting out unwanted contents. AAA Tourbook option enable user not only to view the many AAA approved Hotels and Restaurants by diamonds rating and where one knows it is safe to patronize, but it allows additional TourBook Destinations such as Attractions, Events such as Art and Wine festivals, and city sponsored events such as Harvest Festival Art and Craft, Santa Cruz Clam Chowder Cook-off among many other events that is available. This type of benefits was only available to AAA members in the past and now with these new Magellan RoadMate GPS systems, they are including this benefit with all their GPS units. The AAA Category option also offers Approved AAA Auto Repair recommendations as a benefit. AAA hold their approved AAA auto repair facilities to a much higher standard, and they oversee any complaints or dispute issues that may arise from any auto repair facilities that is AAA approved. Should their AAA customers be dissatisfied with their car repair, AAA will interject and help mediate and resolve complaints. AAA may act as a mediator to resolve any differences between an AAA approved repair facility and their customers. Most of the time you will find AAA will side with the consumer and request the repair facility to resolve any disputes or complaints. This benefit is extremely useful considering if you are traveling in unfamiliar locations and your vehicle should happen to need repair, you would wish to participate with an AAA approved auto repair facility. The Tourbook also offer a guide to Nearest Campgrounds, this is a great points of interest category to include for outdoor type users. The final offer unfortunately is only for AAA members that carry an AAA membership card. For all AAA members, they offer a member ship discount benefits aka Show Your Card and Save. This benefit allow AAA member to save as little as $1 off to 10-20% off on many services and merchandizes including restaurants, saving from company such as UPS stores savings up to 15% on copies, faxes, mailboxes etc and 5% on shipping or save from truck rentals such as Penske Truck Rental from 10% for local rentals and 12% on one-way rentals. Theme park discounts, hair cut discounts, vision care discounts to discounts to sporting events, the list just keeps going. This type of benefits is very worthwhile if one was to decide to make a road trip or go on a vacation. These benefits are also great from someone that is driving all the time. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with AAA but I have been an AAA member for many years and enjoy the savings they have to offer. Remember to enjoy these show your card and save benefits, one must be an AAA member or be with a friend that is an AAA member. This new Magellan RoadMate 1470 is bigger, slimmer and it is also smarter. For those of us that have a difficult time spelling out street names and Cities in Hawaii or Puerto Rico, names like Kaneohe or Wahiawa in the State of Hawaii, one may have difficult time guessing how to spell the city name. With the Magellan RoadMate and the smart city search feature, it will display the City name as you type in a few letters on the spell screen, and also will blank out the letters that is not associated with any cities making it easier to find the city of your choice. If you are near the city you are searching for, the name of the city will pop up first which makes it easier for you to find surrounding cities near your location. This Smart City Search is an excellent feature to aid anyone in spelling cities or street names. The Quick Spell street name search functions similarly that it only offers alphabets letters of available street names and will blank out letters that are not associated with any street name in that city. This enable the user to narrow down the search unlike many competitive units that requires the user to type in the full name before it can determine if it is available or not. Audio quality provides louder speaker volume output. One of the biggest complaints as to portable GPS systems are the audio output is never loud enough. This new Magellan RoadMate 1470 outperforms in sound volume than the higher end Magellan Maestro's 4250 and 4350/4370's. So if volume is a concern to you, this would be the unit for you. If you drive a loud/noisy vehicle such as a large SUV, truck or a convertible, you may wish to consider this GPS model. The Magellan RoadMate 1470 Text size is physically larger making it easier for vision impaired user to see the input keys. One feature that is very helpful is now the unit will display the ETA on the POI menu when you select a category and POI, this will allow user to understand what the approximate ETA will be to route to the POI user selected. The Exit POI is a very a nice feature that allows users to know what Gas Stations, Hotels, and Restaurants etc that are available in the up coming exit while routing on freeways and highways. This unit being offered at less than $239 includes the latest and freshest mapping software version 35 which is Q308 mapping software from NavTeq. The average map update cost these days is $49-$79 and considering all the new features this Magellan RoadMate 1470 unit has to offer, it's a bargain and the intelligent solution to keep your GPS fresh and up to date. Remember when you buy these new model GPS units, also includes the 1 year factory warranty. Lane Assist feature is new to Magellan on the RoadMate product lines. Again this type of advance features are normally offered in higher end PND products. Lane assist enable user to know well in advance what highway or freeway lane they should be in before the exit. This feature is extremely helpful in cities such as Los Angeles that have multiple freeway interchanges, exits and entrances that could easily confuse any driver, with the lane assist feature, the user will be knowledgeable as to which lane and exit they need to take before it is too late. This by far is one of the more desirable feature much like Text to Speech, it keeps the driver better inform as the routes the GPS is directing the driver to take. The famous patented Magellan Chime/ Bell just-in-time warning feature offers a warning such as "ding-ding" just before the execution. This warning feature allows the user not only to be sure that they are asked to take the turn or exit at the right time, but that they are taking the correct turn and not the street before or after. Too often on short city streets that a warning such as left turn on 3rd street may not be enough if you are in heavy traffic and focusing on the heavy city traffic on the road, sometimes street signs are not easily found and the bell chime confirms that you should make an immediate turn after the chime offer user another level of confirmation. By far the Magellan RoadMate 1470 offers the most warning of any GPS units, on a normal freeway exit, it will announce 2 miles before the exit, 1 mile before the exit, .5 miles before the exit, .2 miles before the exit and the warning chime just before the exit. On shorter city streets it may only announce .2 of a mile left turn on 3rd street and the bell chime will sound off just before the necessary turn. And if the warning is not enough, you can always select the repeat audio command feature to hear the distant count down if you are unsure when you are going to make the turn. You may ask yourself how this warning feature is different than most other GPS systems currently available. Most competing GPS products may only announce left turn ahead and you may have 2 streets one after another and will have to confirm by taking your eyes off the road and reconfirm via map screen which is not the safest way to navigate in a busy city. Magellan has the right solution by offer both Text to Speech and bell warning chime Just-In-Time before the turn. This is something that is a feature that is much desired and not found in competing GPS products. Traffic Information, if you are a heavy commuter and requires as much traffic information as possible, you may consider the Magellan RoadMate 1470 offers free lifetime traffic service with the optional traffic receiver. This is a necessary feature to have if you are spending a lot of time on the freeway or highways. Overview: Bigger, Thinner, Smarter, and Faster. This Magellan RoadMate 1470 is currently the only FULL feature we can find at less than $239 and we feel for a portable navigation device that includes a large 4.7" display, OneTouch patented feature, Text To Speech, Lane Assist, AAA TourBook, millions of points of interest, 2D-3D views map display with a loud audio output speaker is the only intelligent choice for educated consumer to consider. This is the unit that we recommend for the consumer that is looking for the right product at a great price without sacrificing a lot of the advance features currently available on the market today. No GPS unit is without its limitations, this unit lacks some of the features such as Voice Recognition, BlueTooth, MP3 player, Picture Viewer, Pedestrian mode, ability to route to Lat/Long coordinates, and the DC power cord mount is not user friendly since it interferences with the windshield mount and there is no real way to remove the unit from the mount using one hand. There appears to be a slightly longer boot up time than most GPS, approximately 3-40 seconds which feels long when the average units boots up in about 10-15 seconds. Although there are tons of new POI's, there are some older POIs that are missing for whatever reason I am not sure, but the POI seems to be different not necessary a lot more but just more new categories. Over all, this unit is highly recommended for the features it has to offer, the sturdy routing and the Magellan legendary ease of use. James Keh aka GPS4ME/PND4ME also Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc / Auto Nav Direct